Wolves of the Hellpack

Ramon Antonio III

Hailing from San Fran and recently bolstering the Turf mob, Mon throws down some seriously steezy FGFS action reppin for his Irish roots, coming back hard from two wrist fractures to lead the charge Stateside. Mon throws down with the heaviest of hitters in the Bay area and beyond, down with the Wheeltalk fam and reppin for Destroy, Still Pour, Blaq and Beta Brand, sick to have this duder on board

Shinya Yamamoto

Hailing from Kobe, Japan, Shinya rocks the traditional FGFS 29er set-up with a fast flowing and tech street style. Serious addition to the squad, throwing down for amongst others Breakbrake 17, Phoenix and Wheeltalk

Miguel Zendejas

Duder shreds FGFS, kills it on full 100, leading the charge. Hellmob with a serious hound joining the pack, out there in LA. Miguel rides for Anthem Bikes, Royal HC and SMC.

Randy RU$H

Reppin Flatbush, hailing from Brooklyn NYC, Randy is a bike mechanic by trade, who brings that FGFS fire, bEast coast Hell$quAd

Charlie Sauve

Riding outta Montreal, Canada, Hellbeast Charlie shreds on his FGFS rig, destroying his local La Taz skatepark while reppin Team iBike and 514BMX. Duder goes hard as.

Luciano Ortiz

Down with the 408, riding outta San Jose, Cali, honing his skills with The Fixieboyz. Luciano got a dope chilled style, slingin them bars for days. Bolstering the Western Hellhunt

Adam T Wells

Originally from New York, growing up in Jersey, Adam currently resides on the West coast. Founder of Big Foot Fixed, Jersey Boy in Cali goes all in on his FGFS

Walter Chacon

Walter's got mad skills on a BMX, destroying the streets of Bogota, Colombia. Super stoked to have this killa in the Hellpack, murdering all for Amulet Brand, Billy Guard, Clop Shoes and Bunker Skateshop

Joe Fitzgerald

Equally at home hittin up street or park, Hellhound Joe has been stacking for the Pack, constantly pushing his tech style whilst drip vaping plumes of carmelised fog

Johnny O'Byrne

Fellow pusher, street fiend and all round bike freak, 66 Johnny's been holding it down for the Hellcrew back since it was forged from the fires below. Reppin Eighth Inch and a Dublin Bike Polo stalwart, Johnnys constantly on his bike and always goin for it

Piranhna Scotto-Sergio

Amanda has been around bikes most of her life, racing at an early age, put some time in as a messenger, has worked as a mechanic and is currently employed as a machinist, is a member of the chopper gang SCUL, pilot name Piranha and has recently turned her fixed skills to rippin it up on her FGFS Destroy Unicorn Killer. Coming from Boston, its really sick to have a lady on the Hellteam, when P ain't out on the whip she's gettin down with the 420 nd kickin it to thrash metal and will be hittin the woodland of NorCal over the next few months

Aaron Keokham

Young gun on the up, Aaron hails from Stockton, California, is co-creator of Ride or Dye and is staying hungry and in the chase with the next gen of FGFS riders.

Michael Lee

When Mick's not working as a bike mechanic, he's shredding bikes instead. Competing at a national level, Mick tears it up in both the Irish Downhill and Enduro champs. If it bleeds, we can kill it, Dreadspeed got em all in his sights and is going balls out for the 2016 season competing at Elite level in the Irish Downhill Mountainbike Series

Martin Fagan

With a boxing past, Martin brings the fight on his BMX, bossin park, trails and street with zany antics and a mean right hook, The Strength boosts hella high. Original Hound of Hell and Badman

Corey Dempsey

Young blood Corey D has his eye on the prize, pushing to go the whole way on his BMX. This ramp rat destroys his local Bushy and is progressing at an alarming rate. On the charge

Aaron Grixti

Reppin the squad down in sun soaked Malta, Hellshredder Aaron Grixti brings a smooth, flowing style to the Hellpack, killing both park and street alike.

Chris O'Neill

Hailing from the midlands of Ireland, Chris is killin it with steezy tech bangers, wrecking his local Athlone skatepark and surrounding streets.

Edgar Grigoryev

Latvian native, Ed rocks these Irish shores. Throwing down for The TRvP BMX crew, he slaughters all before him, park or street

Adam Scribbles Dunne

Scribbs is currently residing in Vancouver, digging trails while recovering from ACL surgery. He's hoping to be shredding BC's dirt nd bowls in a few months, heal up soon man.

Luke Tyrrell

Luke's been stacking and keeping things under wraps but this guys a beast on a BMX with sick style. Reigns down on his local Bushy skatepark

Marc Mulhern & RT Racing

Young gun on the rise, shredding on an Aprilla RS 125, highest placing of 8th in the Irish Short circuit championships, at only 15 years old, making a brave comeback following two broken arms. WATCH THIS SPACE

Noah Holmes

Hellripper Noah is fast, hella fast. Driving for RagTag Racing and clocking competitive Supersport lap times at Mondello on his Triumph, Noah wrings the neck off whatever machine he jumps on. Proud to have such Irish talent reppin the Squad on the short circuits.

Hellmaster 6 Colin

Ronin of the road, sightings continually reported of a Blackness marauding the bleak highways and now desolate city shells, running errands for tyrants, infiltrating enemy lines, stalking his prey, waiting his time. Hell or Win originator and mastermind, designer and rider, 6 attempts to channel the hate to create rather than destroy on his fixed whip